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  • I'm kind of sucker for Cajun and Creole cuisine, so I couldn't help but whip up a batch of shrimp and in honor of Fat Tuesday. What I didn't expect was that everything would heat back up so well for lunch the next day. The grits were still creamy and addictive, and the shrimp still popped. Might have to start making this more often for the week. 

  • Nick eats lunch at home everyday, usually scrounging up leftovers in his fridge into some kind of new creation. He'll post about more successful attempts.

    After making a big batch of beef broth for the best risotto of my life, I was also left with an insane amount of poached beef. Though a simple beef sandwich with horseradish would have worked, I instead decided to make a modified Italian Beef. Not 100% successful, but still delicious.