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Pre-Order the Serious Eats Book

Tote bags! Autographed bookplates! Paw prints!

Pardon the shameless shill for a moment, but we're both pretty excited about this. As most of you probably know, Blake and I have been writing the Dinner Tonight column over at Serious Eats for well over four years. That's a lot of weeknight dinners. But our history with the site actually goes back to the very beginning.  (Here is one very old article that we both wrote if you need some proof.) This is all just a way of saying that we're both excited to see that Serious Eats will release its first official book next week called, aptly enough, Serious Eats: A Comprehensive Guide to Making and Eating Delicious Food Wherever You Are.

It features a collection of recipes, food profiles, and restaurant recommendations from around the country. In fact, I was lucky enough to ride around with the crew while they were narrowing down the Chicago picks. (Here's some photographic proof of that one, too.)

It will undoubtedly be available at your local bookstore soon, but if you pre-order it on Amazon before October 31st, you can also get a free tote bag and an autographed bookplate. Click here for all the details.